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Phone: +3 (044) 123 45 67
What do you get with FLIP?
Dispatcher dashboard
  • Vehicles and drivers management
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Finance management system
  • Convenient order taking via VoIP solution
  • Instant calculation of price for the ride
  • Orders tracking in real time
  • Engagement of corporate clients
Driver App
  • Traffic jam down time counting system counting system
  • Calculation of actual price according to the mileage
  • Rides history
  • The most convenient route from the current location to the customer and on route navigation
  • Convenient balance refill system
  • Ability to monitor balance
  • Ability to get orders from your company and partners any time
  • Blacklist with unfavorable passengers
  • Chat with dispatcher
Partnership under one brand - FLIP
The Flip system helps to unite local taxi businesses to control the local market and oppose large corporations like Uber and Taxify.
Your rider mobile application will have:
However, FLIP does not connect drivers to itself.
What do you get when you are in partnership?
Rider App
You get access to orders from the common rider application            
Order Exchange System
Oders distribution among FLIP partners when there are no cars available. You get % from every order.
Remote marketing division to help maintain users loyalty and develop customers service.
Technical Support
FLIP is constantly working on the development of rider application. Speaking as a personal technical department on the side of the taxi business.
VoIP Solution
You save your phone number and can continue accepting orders from your regular customer processing them with FLIP dispatch board.
Order Processing:
Client dials your number
System hangs up the call and records clients number into the base
Dispatcher sees the number in base and recalls the client
Software for your corporate clients
The best solution for hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes to promptly call a cab.
Your clients will get:
Special web-portal for corporate clients
Functionality of Corporate Portal:
Customers personal account
Fully functional admin panel to control your account.
Payment for Rides
Automated calculation and billing from virtual corporate accounts
Rides Reporting
Full information on your users' rides.
Financial Reporting
Management of your corporate balance
Users Management
The ability to add and delete users in your corporate account.
The system easily supports multiple languages and easily allows you to add new ones
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Phone: +3 (044) 123 45 67