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How do you benefit with FLIP ?
You define your own timetable
Want to work a few hours before day job?
Or you plan to make it your day job? It's your choice.
You earn more money
With flexible rates and low comission fees you will earn more money than in other taxi services. Flip doesn't have any hidden fees and additional payments.
Core Functionality
Regular support, chat with dispatcher.
Rides Price
Calculation of actual price according to mileage.
Rides History
Total rides history for all times.
Order Exchange System
Ability to get orders from your company and partners any time.
Ability to blacklist unfavorable passengers.
Route Planning
The most convenient route from the current location to the customer and on route navigation.
Down Time Calculation
Traffic jam down time counting system.
1. Select your region/state.
2. Contact your local representative.
Phone: +3 (044) 123 45 67